The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination integrates the arts, sciences, humanities, engineering and medicine to work on a new theoretical framework for exploring the basis of imagination. Through a global network of scientific and cultural partners we transfer discoveries from the University to the world beyond.

Director's Message

Sheldon Brown, Director

Creating the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination has given me the opportunity to weave together some of the essential, developing threads of our time that are creating the fabric of our future.

Knitting together the cultural vanguard with an increasing understanding of human behavior will provide us better insight into how we can expand knowledge and apply our increasing technological capacities of computation and communication to stimulate and harness humanities imagination.

UC San Diego gives us a rich platform for this undertaking. We have artists and scholars who challenge and expand the means of understanding. We are a global hub for brain sciences, telecommunications and information technologies. And we have produced more of today's notable science fiction writers than any other university in the world. But the future is a creation of all of humanity and the myriad of forces beyond all of us. We have the opportunity to catalyze and engage this potential in ways we could scarcely imagine just a few short years ago.

We are guided by the legacy of Arthur C. Clarke, and our goal is to continue to be a source of inspiration and action; to make the future a place we can't wait to get to.


What We Do

We undertake research at the neural, behavioral and social level into how imagination occurs.  We look to develop more effective ways of using imagination in education and learning, and enhance the application of imagination in confronting humanity's problems.

The center organizes public programs, both on campus and with our growing network of global partners.  We provide seed grants for research and creative projects, workshops and conferences, and give administrative and advisory support to faculty and affiliates to write grants on imagination related topics. See our RESEARCH page for an account of some of current research themes and a list of projects underway among center faculty.

The study and support for new forms speculative culture and science fiction is a large part of our center.  Of particular note is The Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop which we host at UCSD.

Support our Vision

The Clarke Center was formed through a competitive award from the Arthur C Clarke Foundation in 2012. The center's growth depends on research grants, alliances, strategic partnerships and the support of an interested public. Support can take many forms: from participation in our many public programs to partnerships to contributions.

Major Affiliates

Arthur C. Clarke Foundation

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation was established in 1983 in Washington, D.C., as part of World Communications Year celebrations at the United Nations, an international event sponsored by the United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


ViaSat produces innovative satellite and other digital communication products that enable fast, secure, and efficient communications that can reach people outside terrestrial networks. They provide a variety of networking products and services to commercial and government sectors.

UC San Diego

UC San Diego is made up of world-renowned faculty, bright students and dedicated staff, celebrating a culture of innovation. Their interdisciplinary collaborations span the globe. The University's Mission is to advance knowledge through excellence in education and research. 

UCSD Affiliates

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